Colorado Food Stamps The Effect on the Economy

It has been discussed about the Colorado Food stamps program and the impact it has on Colorado’s economy. All signs seem to be very positive resulting in millions of dollars being spent by Colorado’s residents that would otherwise have not been spent.

Colorado food stamps help by producing sales that otherwise would not be made. Then that money gets turned over a few times resulting in activity in the economy for example money gets spent that helps pay for store employees, the trucking to deliver the goods, and then the farmer or the food producer, which is what the economy needs at this time

Colorado Food Stamps are the perfect tool to stimulate the economy, because the money has to be spent locally and only on food allowing for a more controlled and manageable stimulus. Some experts believe that that is the best way to help jump start the economy.

The Agriculture Department estimates every dollar spent in Colorado food stamps results in $1.73.Many experts believe that the fastest way to infuse money into the economy is by increasing the Colorado food stamp program.

In order to qualify for Colorado food stamps you must meet certain guidelines which have to do with assets and income as well as the amount of people in your household.

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How To apply For Colorado Food Stamps Video

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Food Stamp Applicant’s Increase

The number of Colorado and Larimer County families relying on food stamps shot up as unemployment rose in 2008.State officials say the number of Colorado households receiving government assistance for groceries grew by 19 percent last year, up by 8,000 households just between October to December. Larimer County saw a 24 percent increase from December 2007 to December 2008, matching Boulder and Jefferson counties for the highest increase among the state’s urban areas.

Last month, 6,388 Larimer County households received food stamps, up from 5,157 a year earlier.The number of new Larimer County applications for food stamps almost doubled from 689 in December 2007 to 1,270 last month,The food stamp surge followed sharp job losses in Colorado. Some 14,600 people lost their jobs in October and November. State officials say that when December numbers are announced today, they will show another 14,000 people lost their jobs, the Denver Post reported.

“It’s really stunning; it’s really sad,” said Bill Thoennes, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. There are now about 126,000 Colorado families with accounts for food stamps.And with no hope in sight for the economy one can only imagine that the trend will continue to grow.

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Colorado Food Stamps

Colorado has a program designed to help low income individuals and their families  to provide nutritional foods to them. This is through the Colorado Food Stamps program ,by issuing individuals with a plastic card that resembles a credit card that can be used to make food purchases where Colorado) are accepted.

How to qualify

They are are certain requirements that are set by the state of Colorado. These requirements have to do with the amount of income an individual receives and how many individuals are living in their household and how much assets an individual has.

How to apply for Colorado Food Stamps

You should apply at your local county department of social services. You can download an application online and then fill it out and either mail or fax or drop-off in person to your nearest county office. Once you apply more than likely you will receive a notice for an appointment with a county worker at this appointment here are some things that you will be required to bring a picture ID, Social Security numbers for everyone living in your household, proof of current wages, proof of checking or savings accounts, if pregnant a letter stating when the baby is due, proof of expenses such as day care mortgage or rent.

When will my case be approved

your case may be approved from anywhere from 7 to 45 days depending on if you have turned in all the required documents to your caseworker. Once approved you will receive a plastic card that may be used to make food purchases anywhere the food stamp program is accepted.

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